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The RGB Photobooth team , build and implement hardware and applications for brands, retailers, event companies and venues.
Our understanding of customer engagement, brands, self-service systems has led to a number of innovative projects.
We are often asked to bring products and brands to the forefront through creative thinking and innovation using the benefits of technology.
Our enviable clients list is your reassurance that we can deliver project success for you.

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Green Screen
Green Screen
Hashtag Printing
Hashtag Printing
Digital Mirror
Digital Mirror
GIF Booth
GIF Booth
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

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Our Features

Background Props

Add a digital background to your photos

Front Props

Add props to your photos like hats, beards and moustaches or humorous features!

Animated props

Bring some life and fun to your photos with this feature

Live Preview

Lets you see your design changes you can then edit or confirm

Green Screen

See yourself in any setting!


With Augumented Reality you can gesture control screens and have props automatically follow you within the photo!

GIF & Video

GIF and Video will loop a sequence of photos or videos together


Understand how effective your campaign is with our analytics portal

Barcode & QR code Ticketing

With our ticketing service you can create VIP guest passes or pay to use passes.

Text & Email Alert

Send notifications directly to your audience great for marketing during or after an event

Self Service Payment

We can add self service payment modules to stands and sets


We have a bespoke design service for your booth or mirror.
You might want a classical or modern design or possibly something completely unique. We can make settings look incredible as a fixed photo booth or temporary experience.
Do you need your booth fully managed? If so, we can provide this service for your event.
We use DSLR cameras or HD web cams depending on the venue and service need, studio lighting and custom edits will make photos look wonderful and stands can be self-service or maned with printing stations.

Professional Booth Designs

We can vinyl wrap freestanding booths, partially or completely, with just about anything you can imagine.
Custom design creates attention, it increases consumer interest and exposure of your brand.


A custom branded backdrops is the perfect solution for your photo booth.
You can provide visual elements or we will design the backdrop ready for your approval. Finally, we print and send it to you.

We can vinyl wrap freestanding booths, partially or completely, with just about anything you can imagine.

Set And Stand Builds

Stand or set design whether as a temporary or permanent structure is important. Visitors will enjoy a memorable experience inside an authentic set.
Our designed backgrounds with built in green screen can make the photo experience realistic and enhance the experience.

You are in control RGB will simply supply the equipment or build and manage the stands for you.

Digital Branding

Customizing the software interface with your artwork and logos will further identify your brand.
Once a photo, video or GIF is captured by a user, it can be emailed, texted or shared containing your logo and identity.
Text and Email sharing can also include your message and URL links towards promotions and product microsites.

Custom Microsites

An engaging photo experience should deliver measurable ROI and following an event the user participation will move online, where people download photos, share feedback, and are exposed to marketing initiatives and promotions.
We will build you a branded microsite and host it securely for your event and if required provide a dedicated platform allowing your brand to host photos, capture data, and deliver messaging that can influence and entertain your consumers.

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